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China instant hot kitchen faucet

Our History
We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech water heating system. We are proud to be the pioneer in inventing the ground-breaking PorcelainEnergy Technology. Our diverse products range from instant heat faucet to tankless water heater for basin and shower. Porcelain heating system is one-of-a-kind, it generates heat over 1,200 degrees Celsius and raises water temperature instantaneously to provide hot water on demand. We design and manufacture the worlds smallest heater by using PorcelainEnergy Technology. We provide a wide range of hot water supply solutions to serve your needs.
The Porcelain-Energy Technology is re-engineering the conventional "Centralize Hot Water Feeding Method." Customers can continue enjoy high quality hot/warm water supply with our high energy efficient solutions. Our point-of-use hot water supply system can significantly help customers to save energy and to prevent water and energy wastage from inefficient hot water supply systems.
Our Product
Kukel International Group Ltd is specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon emission series of electric heating products instantaneous heat faucet and instantaneous hot shower.
Product Application
Our products are applicable to residential projects such as apartments and houses, commercial projects such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and hotels.
Our service
Q1. What are the products?
A:i) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Heat Faucet worlds first single phase instant heating faucet. It only requires a cold-water supply outlet and an electric outlet which suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Model KUL23-01, KUL23-02, KUL23-02C, KUL23-08, KUL23-08C (with outlet 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw)
ii) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Water Heater. It only requires one cold water supply outlet and single-phase power supply (up to 8500W) (recommended only for short-distance hot water connection). Model KUL59-812, KUL59-813 and electronic thermostatic KUL59-818, KUL59-828.
iii) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Basin Mini Water Heater is also the world first water heater that size like a 500ml water bottle. It works by simply connecting the cold-water pipe, plug in the electric plugs, the outlet of hot & cold water connection connects to the own existing ordinary hot & cold connector of the faucet (suitable for the kitchen and bathroom), Model: KUL59-903 (with plugs 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw).
Q2. KUKEL product uses single-phase power supply, or three-phase?
A: Most of KUKEL product use single phase power supply 220V, suitable for general household in Asia and Europe. Our company's products range from 2800W - 8500W, the power of the model depends on the electricity supply of the residential or commercial building.
Q3. The water flow of Kukel products seems relatively low compared to gas water heaters, how can I increase the water flow?
A: Being energy saving and eco-friendly are the premises of Kukel products. Kukels product uses only single-phase power supply and can reduce water and power consumption whilst maintaining the water intensity in the shower at a moderate level and we do not encourage customer to increase the water flow.
Q4. The maintenance and warranty period?
A: i) Under normal circumstance, if our products do not function properly within one month of purchase, and the appearance of the product without any serious physical or damage, KUKEL will replace the product free of charge.
ii) KUKEL provide one year warranty.
Kukel had spent years in research and product development and obtained various patents for its unique technology. Our patent porcelain heating technology successfully enhances water heating that reaches world-class level. We are much more secure and reliable than traditional technology. Unique products such as heat faucet and hot shower system are incomparable by other substitutes.
Faucet/Water heater patent:
U.S. Pat. Pending No. 121766116 // 12984892
D.E. Pat.Pending No. 20 2011 100 751.4
E.U. Pat.Pending No. 10251034.4
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C.N. Pat. Pending No. 200910193780.5 /  200910194269.7 /  200820111320.4 / 20072003420.0 / 20082000935.X  China instant hot kitchen faucet

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