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Silicone Rubber Flat Power Cable

Our History
Yichang ICT Cable International Trade Co., Ltd. is a trading company with independent legal personality. The company is committed to promoting and developing the main products of Yichang Xintong Cable Co., Ltd.. Yichang ICT cable is the largest comprehensive cable company in China, and the Chinese industry has top The R&D and production management team.
Yichang ICT covers an area of 1,200 acres and has a 400-meter Yangtze River coastline terminal. The company's workshop covers a total area of 730,000 square meters. One factory plant covers an area of 120,000 square meters, and the second plant plant plant covers an area of 300,000 square meters. The tower workshop covers an area of about 200,000 square meters, auxiliary facilities cover an area of 110,000 square meters, With a production capacity of 750 kV cables and sea cables, it produces and supplies terrestrial cables and sea cables of various voltage grades. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries.
In terms of production equipment, the height of the 1100kV ultra-high voltage VCV vertical production workshop is 180 meters, which is the highest in the world in the same industry vertical production workshop. The main production products of the tower workshop are 1100 KV ultra-high voltage, 500-750 kV ultra-high voltage power cable, and 110-500 kV submarine cable.
Our Factory
Yichang Xingtong Cable Co., Ltd is located near the beautiful bank of Yangtse River in Sanxia, Yichang City. With registered capital of CNY 600million, the company mainly manufactures power cables for rated voltages up to 35kV,HV cables for rated voltages from 110kV up to 220kV, EHV cables for rated voltage of 500kV, submarine cables and submarine composite cables for rated voltages lower than 500kV ,EHV conductors with large sectional areas, aerial cables ect; which are widely used in fields like power grid,power generation, light rail, railway, chemical industry, petroleum, smelting, ocean etc.
The company covers a total area of 733,000 square meters; and the total floor area is 315,400 square meters,made up of a 105,400- square-meter special cable workshop and a 210,000 -square-meter high voltage and submarine cable workshop. The VCV(Vertical Continuous Vulcanizing) workshop, for UHV power cables with rated voltage of 1100kV, is 180 meters high, which is considered the highest in cable industry in the world.
The company is equipped with advanced and mature capability to research, develop and manufacture products which can meet demands of international quality management standards. The company has built long-term technical partnerships with many scientific research institutions in Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France as well as in China to work on high-tech power cables. Established and developing in China, the company will have its market expand to the whole world. The company believes that is will gain great credit from its customers all over the world through its professional cutting-edge technology. It makes it iits own responsibility to mark continuous improvement, innovation and revolution in cable making industry and makes its own contribution to helping China become one of the making the excellent cables.
Our Product
1100 KV ultra-high voltage power cable, 500-750 kV ultra-high voltage power cable, 110-500 kV submarine cable, overhead insulated wire, cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, electrical equipment power cable,Coal-ming cables,Comprter cables,,rubber soft cables,High-temperature fire-proof cables, Heating cables,Mobile flat cables,New-energy automobile cables,Wind power cables and Photevoltiac cables,etc.
Product Application
TheProducts are widely used in Power grid construction,rail transithemical,nuclear powerlectric power,hydropower projectsower plantsetrochemicalsetallurgy,energy,energy,military defense,vessel-making,pharmacy and construction industries.
Production Equipment
The company has 180 meters high tower high voltage cable production line, of which there are 16 production lines. Vertical cross-link production line, three-layer co-extrusion production line, wire drawing machine, winch machine, insulation extruder, copper strip screen machine, cable machine, steel belt machine, protective sleeve extruder, winch machine, squeeze lead machine, wrinkles aluminum cover welding production line, extruder more than 300 sets.
Production Market
From 2018 to 2019, our company is committed to expanding the Southeast Asian market, in 2019 mainly to open up Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries cable market.
Our Service
Our company has established an independent and perfect service management organization, including 20 full-time technical service personnel and 40 part-time personnel, a total of 60. Among them, there are 5 senior engineers, 18 engineers, 24 assistant engineers, and 13 technical workers;
Our company guarantees that the cable provided is brand new, technologically advanced, mature and meets the technical requirements of IEC standards. Our company guarantees the safety and reliability of its products under the correct construction conditions.
Under normal working conditions and operating conditions, the design life of the cable is not less than 40 years, that is, it can be used for 40 years under normal operating conditions and conditions;
Our company guarantees production, packaging and delivery according to IEC international standards, and provides product quality guarantee
Once the contract has been signed, delivery is required by the contract(and corresponding technical party documents are submitted as required by the user); And after the contract is signed to the product before the factory, at any time you accept the product inspection, and provide cooperation for the inspection.Silicone Rubber Flat Power Cable

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