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Double Lip TC Oil Seal

Double Lip TC Oil Seal

Product Description
Oil resistance : Best
Operating temperature : -20 +300
Dense water : Better
Work pressure : 0.3bar
Abrasion resistance : Better
Material hardness : 70 (SHA)
Anti-deformation : Best
Common types of oil seals
Common types of oil seals
TypeCode numberMain featuresUsageDielectric pressure resistanceMaximum line speed
Simple single lippedBIt is commonly used for high and low speed rotating shafts and   reciprocating movement to seal mineral, oil and water.Ordinary oil seal, in the case of less dust and impurities, the use of   medium pressure, the reciprocating speed of <0.1m/s.<0.05MPa15m/s
Regular lipFBIn addition to the characteristics of the above S type oil seal, dust can   be prevented.Ordinary oil seal, with dustproof lips, dustproof, resistant to medium pressure<0.05MPa15m/s
No spring typeBVSpring free single lip type inner frame type rubber oil seal.Generally applicable to low-speed conditions, the sealing medium for the   lubrication of ester.<0.05MPa6m/s
Outer skeleton, single lipWWith the spring single lip exposed skeleton rubber oil seal, waist thin, follow good, good rigidity.Ordinary oil   seal, used in case of less dust and impurities<0.05MPa15m/s
Outer skeleton, double lipsFWWith the lips of the lips exposed, skeleton rubberoil seal, waist thin, followed by good, high stiffness, good coaxial.Ordinary oil seal, with dustproof lips, dustproof, resistant to medium   pressure <0.05<0.05MPa15m/s
Fabricated single lippedZFrom the inside and outside the outer skeleton oil seal skeleton assembly into piping and installation of high precision,   fast heat dissipation, heavy load characteristics.Suitable for heavy load under high temperature and high speed condition<0.05MPa15m/s
Fabricated double lippedFZThe assembled external skeleton oil seal with side lip   has the characteristics of dust resistance, high installation accuracy, fast   heat dissipation and heavy load characteristics.Apply to high temperature, high speed, heavy load under dust condition0.05MPa15m/s
Unidirectional reflux typeDextral SR,Levo DLA diagonal bar with angle in lip air measurement system using fluid   mechanics principle, produces pump function, with reflux effect.Because of the backflow effect, the radial force is smaller than that of   the ordinary oil seal, thereby reducing wear and heat build-up and improving service life<0.05MPa20m/s
Pressure typeNYThe lip is short, stubby waist, with pressure, work pressure is less than   3MPa.The shaft end oil seal for high pressure pump, general PV value is less than or equal to 83MPa15m/s

Product Feature
1.Unusually high wear resistance.
2.High resistance qgainest extrusion.
3.Perfect sealing performance.
4.Easy installation.
5.Good temperature tolerance.
6.lips prevent dust pollution.
7.Easy installation

Product Packaging
(1)Packed by plastic bags,put into Plywood cases that don't need fumigation. Other packing is customized according to client's requirements.
(2)PTFE surface treated should be kept in dark place, can not be damaged.
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Double Lip TC Oil Seal

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