Post Info TOPIC: Filling Compound For Cable Made in China

Filling Compound For Cable Made in China

Communication Cable Gel

HAFC-80-A communication cable gel is specifically designed for filling of oil-filled communication cables.

It has excellent water resistance and electrical performance.It is a kind of hot melt complex with water resistance. It shows extremely small shrinkage and excellent stability at high temperature. It is soft and adhesion.

Main Technical Parameters
ParameterTypical ValueTest Method
AppearanceWhiteVisual inspection
Color stability @ 130°C / 120hrs<2.5ASTM D127
Density @ 20°C (g/ml)0.86±0.01ASTM D1475
Drop point (°C)90ASTM D 566-93
Flash Point COC - °C>230ASTM D 92
Cone penetration @ 25°C (dmm)70±20ASTM D 217
Oil Separation ZeroIEC 811-5.1 clause5
OIT @ 190°C (min)>10ASTM D3895
Relative permittivity@ 50Hz, 25°C2.3GB1409
Dissipation Factor, 1MHz<1.0 x 10-3GB1409
Volume Resistivity @ 20°C (>1.0x1012GB1410
Oxidation resistance2000ppm
Kinematic Viscosity at 120°C -    cst100±20ASTM D445

HAFC-80-A communication cable gel is  well compatible with high polymer material,steel and aluminum . But we recommend that the  compatibility test should be made before polymer materials are in contact with this compound.

HAFC-80-A communication cable gel is designed for hot filling.

1.Payment :TT/LC
30% deposit ,70% balance should be paid before shipment.
2.Delivery date
20GP : witnin 7 working days after receiving the deposit.
40GP : within 10 working days after receiving the deposit.

About communication cable
The cable core is composed of a plurality of conductors or conductors insulated from each other, and the outside is provided with a sealed jacket communication line. Some have outer sheaths outside the sheath. There are a variety of laying methods such as overhead, direct burial, pipelines and underwater. Divided into symmetrical, coaxial and integrated cables by structure; divided into field and permanent cables (underground, submarine cables) by function. The communication cable has a wide transmission band, large communication capacity, and small external interference, but it is not easy to overhaul. Can transmit telephones, telegrams, data and images.
The communication cable (English name: communication cable) refers to a cable used for near-distance audio communication and long-distance high-frequency carrier and digital communication and signal transmission, and is one of China's five largest cable products. According to the purpose and scope of use of communication cables, they can be divided into six series of products, namely, domestic communication cables (including paper-insulated local cables, polyolefin-insulated polyolefin sheathed local telephone cables), long-distance symmetrical cables (including paper Insulated high- and low-frequency long-distance symmetric cables, copper-core foam polyethylene high- and low-frequency long-distance symmetric cables and digital transmission long-distance symmetrical cable), coaxial cable (including small coaxial cable, medium coaxial and small coaxial cable), submarine cable (separable Symmetrical submarine and coaxial submarine cables), fiber optic cables (including conventional cable, ribbon array, and skeleton types), and RF cables (including symmetric and coaxial RF).
Communication cable production plants are distributed throughout the country. In addition to the production of long-distance communication cables and local telephone cables in China, the development of fiber optic cables and polyolefin insulation integrated sheaths in the city has also made considerable progress. Many domestic manufacturers and research institutes have introduced technology and equipment from abroad to start production. . In China, a small amount of polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed plastic local telephone cables are sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Filling Compound For Cable Made in China

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